Mama's Story


We've loved every minute of our journey

Greetings from Chef Mamie

What an awesome way to share what I love to do...Cooking is more than just mixing up ingredients. It's about sharing my love for food with everyone I meet. 

My zeal comes from my Mom 

(Bessie L. Thomas)

she put so much passion into everything that she cooked. 

Now it's my turn to give you the finest, freshest & most flavorful meal that a Chef can serve. 


Cooking Professionally  for 25+  years

Bergen County Community College

Escoffier International Culinary Academy~Honors   

 ServSafe Certification~

Food Management

AHA CPR- Certified 2017
American Culinary Federation 

Personal Chef Service

Not enough time to cook every night? Private/Personal chefs are in demand due to the convenience, health, and economic benefits that they offer. Although, many think that having a personal or private chef is only for the wealthy, that is Not true! People are often surprised to learn that utilizing a personal or private chef is often more economical & healthier than eating out, and in some cases more economical than preparing your own meals. Clients are often surprised to learn of the various options offered by personal/private chefs. Some standard meals options include:

  • Pre-made, delivered meals ready for heating OR In-home, full-time meal preparation
  • A selection of various cuisines
  • A range of meal categories, varying in price to meet various budgets
  • Preparation of custom meal requests
  • Accommodation for specific diets, and allergy concerns

Share the big news

I am so thrilled to share with you that Mama's with a Spoon has several trademark food items for you to try! 


One of the main questions from many of my clients  is...How much does it cost to feed a family of four when using Mama's Personal Chef Service.  Depending on the meal of choice . It can cost as little as $5.00 per person up to $20.00 pp. It really depends on what the clients wants.  I will work with anyone and everyone. It all depends on what's your desire meal.