Sisters' In the Kitchen

Women supporting Women

Sister Friend: A woman that is not a blood relative but, someone you choose to have in your life. A woman that believes in sharing love, is supportive, encouraging, full of grace, empowered and kind.

Several years ago, I had the pleasure of hosting a gathering with several of my sister friends for what we called, “Ladies night In.” At my daughter's Bookstore on Cedar Lane in Teaneck NJ, we laughed, talked, cried, danced and listened to each other's life stories. Unfortunately, in 2009 we closed the store, and our amazing place to gather was gone. Since then a lot has changed. 

Recently, our group has reconnected and resumed meeting in our homes. Our time around the dining room table has encouraged us to grow, and become brazen, passionate, and phenomenal women of today. Through rediscovering my greatest passion, cooking  “Sisters' in the Kitchen” was born.

 As a child, I remember my Mother Bessie, Grandmother Mamie “Mama”, and Aunt Carrie gathering in the kitchen and talking for hours, while preparing meals. Today, the kitchen is one of the most rewarding places in my home. It is a sanctuary where I pray, reflect, and explore/create new visions. 

For centuries women have gathered  in the kitchen to prepare meals, dry eyes, comfort, encourage, and laugh. The kitchen is the heart of a home, whether it’s your home or someone else’s. It’s the place where you can create delicious cuisine, mend broken hearts, and enjoy wonderful discussions. Sisters’ in the Kitchen is a place where you can break bread, partake in good conversation and meet new people from all walks of life. 

All are welcome to come together and show the world that we can unite, encourage one another, enjoy a laugh or two, and share love. We are Sisters' in the Kitchen!

Meet me around the table,  while we spotlight  extraordinary women and hear their stories of life, family & love. 

"A Great Place to Share, Laugh, and Love"

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